Internet of My Things

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What is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, the Internet of Things is about connecting everyday physical objects (or anything you want!) to the Internet and allowing them to interact with each other. These physical objects now become digital as well, and are connected via data stored online.

What is the Internet of My Things?

That's exactly why we're here. A digital (smart) product enhances the value of a physical product by allowing the product to do so much more. You can create a database of all your things, transfer them by changing ownership online, or add a story behind your things for anyone to view online. 

Internet of My Things is about making your things smarter.

Imagine some scenarios:

At least a few times a year, you find yourself browsing the shops or online for the perfect item to celebrate a milestone. You want to gift something that is fun, unique, and can be personalized. Whether you are the best giver, or someone who finds gifting a tedious chore, you spend a long time trying to pick out a suitable gift. The look of their grinning faces tell you that you have achieved your goal. Gifting is difficult, but it does not have to be. You can create a meaningful gifts with lasting memories.

We help you make the gifting experience fun.